Conceptual Dynamics - Independent Learning

Impulse and Momentum for Systems of Particles - Example Problem 10.1-3


Consider a dumbbell consisting of two 2-kg spheres rigidly connected by a 3-m bar of negligible mass.The dumbbell slides across a smooth table.If the center of mass of the system is translating with velocity vG = 4i m/s and the system is rotating with angular velocity ω = 1k rad/sec, determine a) the linear momentum of the system and b) the angular momentum of the system with respect to O for the instant shown in the figure.



  • m = 2 kg
  • L = 3 m
  • vG = 4i m/s
  • ω = 1k rad/s


  • G
  • HO


Calculate the linear momentum of the system.


G = i kg-m/s