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Particle Newtonian Mechanics




  • Kinetics: The study of how forces relate to motion.
  • Kinematics: The study of the geometric and time aspects of motion.
  • Newtonian mechanics: A kinetic analysis technique.


Newtonian mechanics


Newtonian mechanics relies on understanding ...


  • The difference between mass and weight
  • Force
  • Acceleration


Newton's second law: ∑F = ma


Mass versus weight


What is the difference between mass and weight?

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A force is the action of one body on another. This force can come from an actual physical contact between bodies or through a body force due to a gravitational or magnetic field. An idealize forces acts in a well-defined direction and at a single location. In actuality forces are usually applied over a finite area. The units of force are N (Newtons) or lbf (pound force).





Acceleration is the time rate of change of velocity (a = dv/dt)


Think about how you know that you are accelerating?